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Private Entrance

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Private Entrance, by Kathryn Harvey. Read by Laura Jennings, with music by Dan Gatreau. Book 3 of the Butterfly trilogy.

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Abby Tyler is a woman on a mission. For more than thirty years, Abby has been desperately searching for her child—an infant stolen at birth before she even had a chance to see it. To locate her child and end years of heartache, Abby formulates a plan that will bring her face to face with a past she has tried to forget.  Elsewhere, three strangers receive word that they’ve each won a contest that, oddly, they don’t recall entering. None of them are prepared for the luxurious and erotic prize that awaits them—a week at The Grove, an exclusive anything-goes, no-questions-asked resort in the Southern California desert. Amid the glamour of movie stars and the super-rich, the three strangers—Coco, Sissy, and Ophelia—find themselves embroiled in a baffling mystery involving the reclusive spa owner, Abby Tyler.  As a deadly sandstorm approaches the resort, a murderer stalks the trapped guests. Someone will die, someone will find love, and all three women will come to astonishing realizations about themselves. From the sensual heat of the desert to the corrupt underworld of Las Vegas, author Kathryn Harvey delivers a stimulating tale with Private Entrance.


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Private Entrance

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By on  20 Jan. 2021 (Private Entrance) :

Kathryn Harvey returns!

If you've read (and re-read and re-read) "Butterfly", then you are familiar with Kathryn Harvey. "Private Entrance" isn't a sequel to "Butterfly" (although there is a passing reference to that book's main character Beverly Highland); it stands on its own. Ms. Harvey has a great way of starting out with many diverse threads and slowly weaving them until they all come together in the end, and this book is a great example of her talent. Plenty of mystery and action, beautiful and graphic descriptions of a desert resort we'd all love to visit, drop-jaw revelations...and since this is Kathryn Harvey, lots of hot sex (unless you are inclined to jump in and out of a cold shower every few pages, I recommend keeping a spritzer bottle of cold water nearby!). Welcome back, K.H.!

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