The Temple of the Blind
  • The Temple of the Blind

The Temple of the Blind

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The Temple of the Blind, by Brian Harmon. Read by Norman Gilligan. Book 3 of the Temple of the Blind series.

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Having survived the nightmare that he and his friends found hidden within the crumbling ruins of Gilbert House, Albert Cross is newly determined to seek out the answers he has long been denied. He suspects that at least some of those answers may await him in the mysterious underground labyrinth he and Brandy discovered the previous year, the place he calls The Temple of the Blind. But to get there, he and his friends will have to deal with a madwoman, avoid the strange and deadly creatures that prowl the dark passageways and decipher the remaining clues to unlock the temple’s map. To make matters worse, the man with no eyes awaits them with a very unpleasant demand.  Will his friends choose to remain by his side? And will he finally be able to conquer the fear room?


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The Temple of the Blind

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By on  31 Jan. 2021 (The Temple of the Blind) :

I'm speechless

Have I mentioned how obsessed I am with Brian Harmon's writing now? I started off with Rushed and then investigated the Temple of the Blind series, and all I can say is that my feet hurt. Why? Because I carry my Kindle Fire with me wherever I go, and I can't look away from the words at ALL, I stumble through the house, unable to tear myself away enough to walk from room to room without stubbing my toes and stepping on stuff! But seriously, these books go right from one into the next without making you feel like you've missed something, it honestly could have been all written in one book. Your life will never be the same after reading this series.

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