RACE: The Colour of Shame
  • RACE: The Colour of Shame

RACE: The Colour of Shame

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RACE: The Colour of Shame, by MarieMadeleine MacLean. Read by Dave Fennoy.

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RACE: The Colour of Shame is a complex supernatural thriller describing the devastating effect that a Negro wayward gene has on the Hoxworths, a rich and powerful southern Caucasian American family.  A mulatto boy, the offspring of a Hoxworth male and a young female slave whom he raped, is born two centuries prior and is the last surviving male heir. The prologue takes us back sixty years to the magnificent Hoxworth Castle near the city of New Orleans to witness the birth of a baby girl in the family’s palatial birthing room. As the baby’s skin rapidly begins to darken, the Hoxworths must one again deny their mixed ancestry.  And as so many times before, they must have their trusted family doctor, on the order of the family matriarch, suffocate the child to keep their dark secret.


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RACE: The Colour of Shame

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