Business is Business - Book 1
  • Business is Business - Book 1

Business is Business - Book 1


Business is Business, by Silk White. Book one of the Business is Business series. Read by Larry Herron.

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Meet Derrick Mason, one of the most ruthless drug dealers to ever walk the streets. He and his family control over fifty percent of the drug traffic in New York City. Things are going good until, Derrick is forced to make a tough decision that could change his family's lives forever. He knows the wrong decision could start an all out war with men ten times more powerful than him. With so much on his plate, Derrick has to push his emotions to the side and remember that business is business.


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Business is Business - Book 1

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By on  20 Jan. 2021 (Business is Business - Book 1) :

Business is business

All I can say is wow! You never know what's to come when there's problems within the business. I knew from the beginning things wouldn't be good concerning Jimmy. He was a true hothead and needed to learn how to think things through instead of reacting before getting all the necessary information. The Mason family was involved in too much and some careless mistakes could cause serious repercussions. Eric may have been a pushover before but I think that's surely about to change after that ending. Alvarez tried to pull a fast one on Derrick and Kelly was downright wrong. I can't wait to find out more in part 2 and if the Mason's will continue on with their business is business mindset or get right before things get too out of hand.

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