Woman of a Thousand Secrets
  • Woman of a Thousand Secrets

Woman of a Thousand Secrets

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Woman of a Thousand Secrets, by Barbara Wood. Read by Suzie Althens.

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She came to them from the sea, and to the sea they returned her.  A story of sacrifice and survival in the New World.  Tonina lives an idyllic life on a small island in the Caribbean hundreds of years before Europeans discovered it. But she has always been an outsider among her people. Unlike them, Tonina is tall and lean and light skinned, and her origins remain a mystery. Her adoptive parents had found her floating in a basket in the sea―a sacrifice? A shipwreck? No one knows.  When Tonina turns nineteen, her parents know she must return to the sea so that the gods don't become angry with the village for keeping something that is not theirs. Under the guise of finding a medicinal plant, they send Tonina to the mainland, a terrifying place she can't even imagine. They know, however, that they will never see her again. And here is where her adventure begins. It is a tale of survival and sacrifice, of luck, magic, intrigue, and danger, romance and betrayal, an epic filled with ancient lore, tales of bearded white men who sailed to this shore in giant ships, and discoveries of medicinal miracles in faraway places. But most of all, it's the story of one woman's quest to discover where―and to whom―she really belongs.  This sweeping story of the undiscovered world before the time of Columbus is Barbara Wood at her very best.


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Woman of a Thousand Secrets

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