The Forever Man - Book 3: Clan War
  • The Forever Man - Book 3: Clan War

The Forever Man - Book 3: Clan War

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The Forever Man - Book 3: Clan War. By Craig Zerf. Read by Michael Neeb.

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A series of solar flares smash the world back into the Dark Ages. Chaos follows. Millions die in the post-apocalyptic aftermath. One man is changed by the radiation. Marine Sergeant Hogan. Turning him into a superhuman being. Faster, stronger and able to create magic. He has become - The Forever Man. Oorah! But even he is not ready for what happens next.
Through a rip in time and space, they came. The Orcs, goblins and trolls. Set on our extinction. Can Hogan save humanity, or is it all over?


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The Forever Man: Clan War

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By on  20 Jan. 2021 (The Forever Man - Book 3: Clan War) :

epic blend of sci-fi, fantasy, folk-lore and alternative history

I read a lot of 'free' books from Amazon, usually the first in a series, and for a lot of them they are priced as I would value them, worth a read but not worth paying for future episodes in the series, I purchase further volumes in a series probably in about 1 in 20 cases.

I got the first book in this set as it was free and the storyline sounded interesting, after reading it I bought the other five books in the series.
A wide-spreading tale that start out as sc-fi post-apocalypse survival but soon branches out to bring in threads of fantasy, folk-lore and alternative history.

Like all fiction it will require, especially anything related to sc-fi/fantasy, it requires the reader to stretch their imagination and suspend belief. Simply accept the worlds and rules as described.
Having reached the end of volume 6 I would rate each book as five stars and rather than put in spoilers I'll simply post this review for each volume.

So thank you Mr. Zerf for taking the time and effort to write these books, they've given me a number of hours of pleasure reading them.

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