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Before Sunrise, by Rick Mofina. Read by Monroe Clark McBride.

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In Before Sunrise, Will Fortin of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is on patrol in southern Alberta. It’s a lonely region where the sky meets the land on even terms, where the landscape exaggerates or diminishes your place in the world. If you’re lucky, trouble would never find you there. If you weren’t, this was your battleground.  This is where Fortin experiences the worst any cop can face, the taking of innocent lives while under fire in responding to a violent call at a farm involving a gun. His life destroyed his guilt unbearable, Fortin, a good man, struggles as a haunted soul, aching to redeem himself. Years after the shooting, Fortin is assigned to escort a murderer from a Canadian prison to trial in Seattle, Washington. When their plane crashes in the unforgiving Rocky Mountains, Fortin is presented with his last chance at redemption.


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Before Sunrise

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By on  20 Jan. 2021 (Before Sunrise) :

Excellent book

I've been reading all of Rick Mofina's books since I discovered him. Everyone of them was great. This one was the best. It broke from his previous storyline, no mystery or thriller, but one of human emotion. It was real and true-to-life, and very moving and emotional. Sometimes in a writing of this type, the reader can get bogged down with too much emotion, too much sadness, or the storyline becomes hard to believe. But this book was so well-written, I couldn't put it down. It might have been a bit predicable, but it didn't take away from the overall excellent writing by the author and his ability to have the reader embrace the central character and all that he is experiencing. I would highly recommend this book and any book written by Rick Mofina.

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