Dysphoria: Rise
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Dysphoria: Rise

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Dysphoria: Rise, book 6 of the Hymn of the Multiverse series, by Terra Whiteman. Read by RD Watson.

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The Celestial War is past. The Court of Enigmus has been under new management for half a century. Leid Koseling awakens to find she can see things that her subjects can't. As the Court of Enigmus tries to identify exactly what their Queen has become, a deadly mistake sets the stage for a new discovery: there is much more to Exo'daius than they realized. And with that discovery brings a new threat, set to wipe the Vel'Haru off the face of the Exodian map. Enigmus's newest recruit, Pariah Andosyni, hopes to prove himself a worthy scholar, and his chance comes when he is sent with a seasoned group to explore a post-apocalyptic world in search of clues surrounding their enemies. That dead world and Exo'daius's genocidal past are connected. Adrial Trisyien, Violet King, is determined to find the connection before history repeats itself.


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Dysphoria: Rise

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