image MediaSAFE Library Case
All Cherry Hill Publishing audiobook titles are now available in the MediaSAFE Secure Latch Library Case. The MediaSAFE audiobook wallet is made with strong injection molded polypropylene. The sturdy two-ring inside spine allows for the case to accommodate replaceable disc pages. The latch on the front keeps the case securely closed during transportation and the library return drop.

“I placed an order for the library media case because of the savings compared to what we had been paying. We have already seen a huge savings in the District’s supply budget. Even our library members have commented on the quality of the case.” — Annie Eldin, Spokane County Library
image Cherrybook Audiobook Player
Cherry Hill Publishing now has more than a great library of audio books to offer. We have gone to the mountain top and come back with a complete turn-key system designed to make it easy—and aff ordable—for you and your Senior Residents to enjoy the world of audio book listening.

Seniors have special needs. Unlike today’s X-Generation, they did not come up in an era where electronic and computer technology was integrated into every aspect of life. What comes natural and eff ortless to our kids today can seem daunting and unintuitive to our parents.

To address these concerns, we introduced our new Cherrybook Player, an extremely easy-to-use audio book player where virtually all of the diffi culties associated with the digital age have been addressed and eliminated. Seniors can enjoy the titles with a simple button press. Suspending the story at dinner time is as simple as starting it. Press it again aft er dinner and you’re right back where you left off . We really have taken care to make sure this system will work eff ortlessly for everyone.