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Leverage, by Tom Spears. Read by the author, with music by Kevin MacLeod. Unabridged CD audiobook.

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Mark Carson was on a fast rise to the top of Global Guidance Corporation, but his wife’s multiple affairs temporarily knocked him off the ladder.  After their divorce and some time spent trying to make sense of it all, he was working harder than ever to get ahead. But not everyone believes hard work is the way to advance one’s career.  Some want to jump straight to the front of the line any way they can. Max Wong, a GGC engineer is one such person—willing to take short cuts to reap the reward of significant wealth. But Wong’s shadow employer, known only as “Falcon” has his own agenda. When Wong’s usefulness runs out, Falcon is ready to move on, and Wong represents something he abhors—a loose end.  Falcon’s solution to his problem leaves Carson facing a critical choice—one that will have long reaching impact on his life and the lives of those around him. This time, rather than playing it safe, Carson selects the path less traveled. He decides to discover for himself who killed Max Wong, and why.  Carson quickly finds himself slipping deeper into a dangerous world of corporate crime, greed and violence. Teaming with co-worker Cathy Chin, he doggedly pursues the killers, even as it becomes clear they are deeply embedded in GGC. Will he solve the crime before he and Chin become the next victims? And even if he succeeds, what will be left of his well ordered life?



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