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Begin with Yes, by Paul S. Boynton. Read by Brian Hutchison.

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The Law of Attraction meets the Law of Action. The Law of Attraction tells us that whatever we focus our attention on, consciously or not, we attract into our lives. Think happy thoughts, enjoy happy experiences. And vice-versa. The best selling, "Begin with Yes" introduces the Law of Action, a principle that reverses the order — and is equally powerful: What we do affects how we think, and the kinds of experiences we have. When we take small, manageable steps, we feel more positive and our lives flow more smoothly. "Begin with Yes" is all about setting things in motion and opening new doors. Getting unstuck. In this short, engaging conversation, counselor, mentor, and motivational speaker Paul Boynton maps out a surprisingly easy, logical, and liberating alternate route to a better life. In short, not only does "Begin with Yes" make change seem possible, it provides concrete examples that show the way.


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Begin with Yes

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By on  20 Jan. 2021 (Begin with Yes) :

This book helped reduce my depression

I suffered from depression for many years. I have had unsatisfactory experiences with prescription anti-depressants. Talk therapy never seemed to be effective for me. I was at a loss, just surviving day to day, feeling mostly pessimism about my life and future. I came across the Begin with Yes Facebook page by chance and found the uplifting posts different and appealing--nothing like the typical, traditional cognitive-behavioral mantra currently in use by psychotherapists. I was surprised to find a companion book to the Facebook page. I decided to buy the book. It was a quick read, practical, inspiring and is helping me turn my life and mood around. The main golden nugget of this book is that just by doing one small positive, pro-active act or task a day, no matter how insignificant, is enough to get you to change your mood and life's direction over time. It gets you to minimize constant obsessing, and focus on simple, humble, physical actions, not grand or complicated projects or super-human feats or a gazillion action steps. This book has changed my life, and is proving that I can rebuild my ability to develop hopefulness.

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