Sprinkles of Suspicion

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Sprinkles of Suspicion, Book 1 of the Cupcake Catering Mystery Series, by Kim Davis. Read by Alyson Steel.

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One glass of cheap California chardonnay cost Emory Gosser Martinez her husband, her job, and her best friend. Unfortunately, that was only the beginning of her troubles. Distraught after discovering the betrayal by her husband and best friend, Tori, cupcake caterer Emory Martinez allows her temper to flare. Several people witness her very public altercation with her ex-friend. To make matters worse, Tori exacts her revenge by posting a fake photo of Emory in a compromising situation, which goes viral on social media. When Tori is found murdered, all signs point to Emory being the prime suspect. With the police investigation focused on gathering evidence to convict her, Emory must prove her innocence while whipping up batches of cupcakes and buttercream. Delving into the past of her murdered ex-friend, she finds other people had reasons to want Tori dead, including Emory’s own husband. Can she find the killer, or will the clues sprinkled around the investigation point the police back to her?


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Sprinkles of Suspicion

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By on  07 Oct. 2022 (Sprinkles of Suspicion) :

cheating husband, murder and stolen art!

Oh my God! I finally made it to reading book one in the Cupcake Catering Mystery Series!

This is also the only book in audio format. Maybe the others will follow?

In this book Emory comes across as an extremely naïve person that needs to get hit by several clue-by-fours. Totally different from how you will see her in at least books 3 to 5. I haven't read book 2 yet, smiles. Maybe that's where she wakes up a bit?

In the beginning Emory's mom and twin sister's reactions to her life falling apart is mind boggling. Oh Emory, you're cheating on your husband and have this horrible picture on facebook, fix it now! What will people think? Or, you look like crap, I just can't be seen with you in this way. Our reputation! Yep, it's all poor Emory's fault!

If I could have reached through the book I would have given her a good shake. What part of shhh, don't talk Emory is hard to get? You keep talking yourself into more trouble, lol.

I believe Kim Davis picked a good narrator for this book. Alyson Steel does a good job when showing the different types of emotions you'll find in this story, shock, exasperation and definitely those naïve moments from Emory.

It was great getting to see how Emory started working for Tilly. She is definitely quite a character. She is definitely my favorite of them all.

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